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Types Of Student Housing Near UNCC

Where you live during college has a major impact on your experience. Thankfully, Charlotte, NC offers a number of options for student housing to fit any preference near the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC). It is essential to research all of the UNCC housing options, both on and off campus, to ensure that your comfort and budget will make it to graduation.

Student Housing Options in Charlotte, NC

UNCC Dorms

With UNCC housing you get total immersion into campus life; living in close quarters with classmates, having a fast trek to classes, and being privy to on-campus events. Dorm life is easy on the wallet, too, and often covered by scholarships. No need to worry about added bills, as Internet and electric are provided.

The downfall of dorms depends on your viewpoint. Animal lovers can forget pets in shared dorms or UNCC apartments. Introverts may find it challenging living in close quarters and sharing basic amenities like bathrooms and laundry rooms. On-campus living comes with on-campus rules too, meaning curfews, a zero-alcohol policy and no large gatherings.

Apartments in Charlotte, NC

If on-campus living doesn’t sound ideal, check out the many off campus apartments in Charlotte, NC.  Apartments offer more freedom sans dorm rules, including allowing furry friends and the ability to choose or be matched with roommates with similar interests. There are apartments near UNCC as well, providing an on-campus feel with more space and less regulations. Keep in mind apartments carry new burdens. Prepare to pay for extra amenities including Internet and electricity, as well as laundry if it is not onsite. Depending on your roommates, living with others can add stress, especially if you have a roommate who is constantly incurring late fees.  

Charlotte Townhomes/Condos

Townhomes and condos provide space and comfort and are a popular option for UNCC off campus housing. Most of the townhome communities near UNCC are fairly new, too, meaning newer interiors and appliances. These communities are often governed by Homeowner’s Associations though, and therefore carry strict rules on pets, outdoor décor and even hosting large gatherings. Don’t forget that you’ll also be paying for your own Internet and electricity for these larger spaces, so utilities undoubtedly run higher than apartments or on-campus spaces.

Houses for Rent

These houses are a trendy option for student housing in Charlotte, NC. The vintage houses surrounding campus are almost exclusively made available by students and offer a lot of space. These larger dwellings provide more rooms, meaning more roommates and lower prices.  Just like apartments and townhomes though, this off campus housing comes with the added prices of basic amenities, and you may be on the hook for maintenance, lawn care and general upkeep.

Luxury Apartments

Luxury apartments combine the comfort of townhomes and houses with the affordability of apartments and on-campus living. Many luxury apartment communities offer roommate matching systems and individual housing contracts, so you can find someone who shares your interests without worrying about late fees. Luxury apartments go a few steps further than off campus apartments, townhouses and houses in that you get access to a lot of luxury amenities and features that aren’t typical of regular apartment complexes. Sauna, steam rooms, yoga and fitness centers, resort-style pools and more await you at luxury apartments similar to those at Arcadia.

Arcadia Student Living in Charlotte is a growing luxury apartment community offering a myriad of floor plans to fit any budget. Arcadia is a mere two miles from campus, providing the convenience of close classes without on-campus rules. If you want all the benefits of living near campus, having your own space and experiencing college life, schedule a tour with Arcadia Student Living now. Oh, and furry friends are welcome, too!


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